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adj. - referring to the outward manifestations of Jewish identity such as appearance, clothes, accent, or religious observance.
"Rachel broke up with Dan. Even though he was Jewish, his red hair and Gentile friends just weren't Jewy enough for her."
by Dorothy April 20, 2008
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2.rhymes with chewy
Mike Davis is real jewy.
by IphilP April 6, 2004
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often used to describe that particular jewish red hair color, and the subsequent "jewy" curls.
OMG, Amanda, your hair is so jewy
by EGC#)@ April 7, 2009
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Dan: Hey Joey.
Joey: It's Jewy, damn you!
by Damp Sandwich April 30, 2008
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nick name Juan form south miami uses for his friend joey whos name is actually joseph and who is jewish its a combination of the words joey and jew
yo its joey the jew... yo Jewy wait up
by Juan Gil April 26, 2005
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A term to describe the actions of a non-jewish person acting in a way that a Jewish person has been stereotyped to act. The act in itself is not too much but at the same, not too little to be ignored.
Boy: Did you see that?
Girl: No, what happened?
Boy: That guy got all pissy because the cashier gave him
3 cents less than his change should have been
Girl: Wow....seems a little Jewy doesn't it?
Boy: That it does
by blueTenor January 2, 2012
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the adjective describing jewish culture. Not really the religious aspect, but the food, mind set, community and spirituality that comes with being jewish
Since joining BBYO do you feel more jewish?" "No, but I do feel more Jewy.
by CVR BBGS February 3, 2011
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