A disgusting group of people of which Americans should of let hitler finish off. They are useless and dirty people who spread more diseases than black people.
by Arson3110 August 29, 2017
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Verb, to JEW.

The process by which someone manages to convince a reluctant person to give them something.
Michael has ยฃ10 which he was going to give to his son but Josh managed to jew it off him. (Josh has no foreskin)
by Toby_the_5_star_penis. December 09, 2008
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1) Person of Jewish Faith
2) A Pinny-Pincher (a tight wad)
3) What Hitler put in ash trays till we beat his ass
1) Kyle from South Park is Jewish!
2) Your as money hungry as a Jew!
3) The Holocaust sucks, eh Larry. Yea it does.
by TheGuyStandingBehindYou March 21, 2007
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To Jew involves taking a 1p or 2p piece and skimming it acroos the ground whilst shouting "JEW!" at the top of your voice, thus provoking a mass bundle on top of the coin, the winner being he or she that claims the coin.

It is also possible to "SILVER JEW!" which, naturally, requires a coin of 5p or above. To my knowledge, no-one ever jewed a pound.
Dan: "JEW!"

All: "JEW!"
by Weelydangle May 08, 2007
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big nose people,sterotyped to be greedy, have big noses,jew fros, and usally can't get laid, most of these sterotypes tend to be true however ecept howard stern (he is the man)usally douches and get good shows cancled, not always true however but most the time also been enslaved by almost every race at some time and have been screwed over alot, ussally lawyers and like to sue people
dude stop being a jew and let me borrow a dollar
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
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I am Jewish honestly, and Jews are greedy, have big noses, and are snobby people. Although I hate to say it most stereotypes are true, but like always there are good ones such as Jews being good doctors, lawyers, and good with money like financial advisors. All our last names are Jewish defining points
Alex: Dude, spend a few dollars on food and not make your girlfriend gefilte fish all the time.
Noah: But cooking is cheaper.
Alex: You are such a fucking Jew.
by Jewman, the Jewish superhero February 15, 2012
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1. A person that champions, believes in, or practices Judaism; A person of a Jewish background.

2. A highly stingy or greedy person that is usually prosperous but heavily criticized for his ways.

1. "Hey guys you seen that new kid in school?"

" Oh yeah, the kid is a Jew, I went to his bar mitzvah."

2. " Dude who is that one kid in the shirt?"

" Oh that's that Levi kid...he's a Jew he tried to snake me...."
by Chunguie October 08, 2009
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