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Also known as “airline poo,” which unexplainably tends to descend more often on villages in India, although there are no proofs that these icy rocks or “celestial gifts” were irresponsibly released by budget airlines from toilets in the air.
Superstitious folks from some Indian villages decided to store pieces of blue ice in the refrigerator at home; others think that it’d be some holy item of worship sent to them by gods and goddesses from other galaxies.
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by MathPlus January 25, 2018
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This is formed when an aircraft has a leak in the waste system (the John). If the leak allows the liquid to escapes the aircraft at high altitude it then freezes and forms blue ice.
Holy sh1t some blue ice smashed through my roof!

I dont understand, one second my cat was ok the next splat!?
by Bob Morley April 14, 2005
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