Person who only think about doing stuff but never gets his thumb out of his ass and does it. A jerk-off.
07:17 <u{s}e{r}> raskolnikov is a very unbefitting nickname, you should be called joedouche or joejerk-off instead
07:19 <Raskolnikov> u{s}e{r}: I killed a Jew once, that's why
07:19 <Raskolnikov> OK, I didn't actually kill her... But I thought about it
by [u]{s}[e]{r} July 11, 2011
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to masturbate/ rub the penis in an up & down motion for minutes, then sperm comes out when you're finished.
good job killing your future children.
Logan:oh yea i jerk off to some hot as fuck Alexis Texas!
John:you're fucking disgusting!
Jack:says you! you screamed in class Ally sucked your dick so hard you started bleeding!
John: virgins..
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by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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(noun) An insult. Can mean idiot, moron, inbred sun of a bitch, etc.
Biggie: go get me a sandwich

Angry Italian: okaya fine, ia hate-a you

Biggie: this isn't a sandwich, its a popsicle. Nice job jerk-off

Angry Italian: Oh I'lla jerka you off

Biggie: what?
by Brennan Kennedy May 12, 2005
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A douche bag who despite there cockiness and outward appearance is a secret fag and an obvious moron.
That jerkoff only dates slags.
by InYoFaceBitch October 15, 2008
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A guy that makes me a little uneasy.
Hey that jerkoff over there is making me a little uneasy.
by Matt,Nick and C.J March 28, 2008
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