A person that is strong hearted, cool, and never lets a friend down.. They always put a smile on your face.. Even when they're sad.. They always bring joy and happiness to the people that care for him. He always makes sure that you are okay. He may be a jerk sometimes but.. He always pulls through and makes sure he does things right. He would do anything for a friend.. And he wont stop until the job is done.. And people {I.e. Me} Thank him for it.. Even if they might not show it..
1. Jeremias... You are a great friend <3
by Sydneyplaysminecraft May 22, 2017
A creativ guy,who always has the best ideas. He always dresses nice and Never goes out looking ugly. A great friend who you can always Talk to . Has a lot oder rythem in his blood.
Person1: I don't like my Jeans but what can i do. with dem

Person2: ask Jeremias he will know what to do
by Kalimadeinyaban January 2, 2017
A person that is strong hearted, cool, and never lets a friend down.. He can be a Jerk sometimes but always does his work he makes his friends laugh and he is a nerd.
by ALARWEAPE February 8, 2018
Jeremiah is the guy you meet once in your life once he's part of it so do not let him go. This is the guy who loves pineapple, who talks to everyone, who makes everyone laugh who is beautiful and who is difficult to part with. Once you have the chance to know him, do not let him slip away.
Jeremia: don’t let him go
by Clarise2001 May 9, 2019
Jeremias has a huge cock and loves to passionately please women. A Jeremias can fuck you until you scream because that’s how great his sexual pleasure is. Be sure to fuck a Jeremias in your life. Some don’t have the chance.
Dude that guy fucked me so good, his name has to be “Jeremias”!!
by Hardcockhaver October 25, 2019
A relatively cool person he tends to care for his friends and family. Jeremias also is a very understanding and loving person but girls tend to hurt him but jeremias is still supportive although in pain
Jeremias is a cool dude
by Draaaakeeee February 9, 2019
Its Usually a Nerd. He often Plays Minecraft at his ,,Super Mega PC,, . His PC could run every Game in The World but je only Play Minecraft.
Oh Im Jeremias im Playing Minecraft
Im The Best Minecraft Player in da Hood
I Van Mousabuse with My Gaming Mouse
by ClemensDerFigga March 7, 2018