A player of the game minecraft. Some can be really cool, and some can be no lives who just sit around with their friends (also no lives) and talk about minecraft. Most minecraft players meet somwhere around the middle. Minecraft players generally make too many references to creepers.
I'm a Minecraft Player
by btingle July 14, 2011
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Someone who has impeccable taste in game
Garry: I’m a Minecraft Player


Garry has like 60 hoes now
Tom is sad,
by CheezyClit69 January 01, 2021
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Someone who is manly and plays big boy games unlike fortnite
Hey I am more grown up than you, I play Minecraft and will always be a Minecraft player and never a gaynite player
by Big chad Minecraft player August 21, 2020
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When I see the Minecraft player: Nathan he say, yeet. He outhere always playing minecraft hardcore with fake friends like fuck.
The Minecraft player: Nathan beat me in roblox, the nerve of that fucker.
by Gayest Ass Nigga January 28, 2019
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The best Minecraft player is Falsesymmetry. periodt.
Some may argue it's Technoblade, some says it's Dream, some may even says it's Fruitberries or Illumina. Compared to False, they are all just weaklings, False can PvP, False can build and False can parkour. She is the mix of everything.
Falsesymmetry is the best Minecraft player. We believe is False's Supremacy!!
by Alex Azelfafage October 27, 2020
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A Super Intense Minecraft Player (SIMP) is the most powerful and final form of a simp.
Yeah I'm a simp
Super Intense Minecraft Player
by MisterGage25193 April 16, 2021
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