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Jelking is an exercise believed to increase the size of you penis. It consists of grasping the semi flaccid form of your penis at the base, then while holding tight stretching and forcing the blood to the head of the penis while slowly moving your hand towards the head.

This exercise originated from African Tribesmen who wished to elongate their genitalia and reported growths of up to 10 inches above average have been claimed.
I use "jelking" to increase my penis size
by Jonboy582 May 14, 2006
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Fully embracing the mota and incresing penis length through streching all while shredding the gnarwall.
Did you see that 360 reverse gargoyle while jelking that he pulled off?? Impeccable form.
by NigelPhish December 29, 2009
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In males, flexing your kegel muscles in order to make your boner appear to have a life of its own, throbbing, bouncing, or nodding as if in deep conversation. Mostly used to hump significant others.
I snuggled up close to my wife in the spoon position. I began jelking my chubby into her thigh. She rolled her eyes.
by mal considine September 06, 2005
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