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all of the pine needles, twigs, and leaves (etc) found on the forest floor, particularly at a camp ground

Mainly used as kindling to start a fire, but can also be used in other ways

Jeeje can also be refereed to any dust or covering of any object, with the name of the object used as part of the name:
water-jeeje, rock jeeje, beach jeeje, etc (other forms of jeeje generally cannot be used as kindling
" man, this is some good jeeje, this fire is gonna be HUGE!!"

"fuck, I just cut my foot on this water-jeeje"

"hey this fire is dying, it needs more jeeje"

"there is some good jeeje deposits under those trees over there"
by merril howard kalin July 13, 2009
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A randomly occurring enemy in life that usually takes the form of a Jewish boy that seems to have gained weight recently. Will often steal the title of prom king from more deserving handicapped children and irritate the masses with the worst fake laugh ever. Can be repealed with memes and sometimes being called the slur Jeeje Cakes.
I hate Jeeje.
by SmsFrenzy October 25, 2014
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