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An acronym for the interjection "Jesus Christ Superstar!" First made popular in 2008 by *Raura Lunterberg (name changed) of RVA to avoid alienating the bible-thumpers who populate the 804. Also a sarcastic reference to the 1971 musical "Jesus Christ Superstar."
"jcs" is often said in place of "oh my god", "omg", "goddamn it", "shut up!", "wow!", and "jesus christ!"

n.b. The "spin-off" phrase "Jesu Christi Superstar" may be used in formal situations or circumstances requiring extra sarcasm/snarkiness.
JCS, this exam is difficult!
Jesus Christ Superstar! did you see her slutting it up with *Bob!?!
by lulu804 May 29, 2010
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Joint Cheifs of Staff bunch of white heads
Now hear this all you JCS people meeting starts in 5 min. Please no joint's remember 10AM meeting no smoking...
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los April 29, 2007
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