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Abbreviation of the Japanese phrase, "joshi shougakusei" (女子小学生) meaning, "female elementary school student." You will occasionally find it in the titles of loli doujinshi.
"I wonder why JS is so much less common than JC or JK..."
"Maybe because most people don't want to masturbate to girls that little, fuckin' deviant maniac pedophile bitch."
by THE May 30, 2021
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An abbreviation of the Japanese, "joshi chyuugakusei" (女子中学生) meaning, "female middle school student." Oft used in the titles of hot sexy loli pornography. Equivalent to JK for high schoolers and JS for elementary schoolers.
"Do you recall the nhentai number for JC Sexual Education via Kidnapping by Kuromotokun? I want to read it but I don't feel like navigating the site."
"Of course; always; 196644."
by THE May 30, 2021
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