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A cabaret-style dance move, popularized by the musical "Fosse". Now used, usually ironically, to express excitement, glee, razzle dazzle, etc.

The move is performed by tilting the head slightly, shimmering the hands with fingers splayed either side of the face and crying "Jazz hands!" with an enthusiastic smile. Think Jack from Will and Grace.

Also *JAZZ HANDS!!!* used as an expressive punctuation on blogs and bulletin boards.
I'm all for guys getting in touch with their emotions but he's just too jazz hands for me.
by CougarSW2 November 15, 2004
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The act of waving one's hands in the air in an eratic manner in response to an emotional song or situation. Similar to spirit fingers except that the entire hand and, ocaisionally, the arms, are utilized.
While listening to the Journey power ballad "Faithfully" John broke out the jazz hands.
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009
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When a persons hands shake uncontrolably from alcohol withdrawl.
Man, Just thinking about an ice cold beer right now is giving me a mean case of Jazz Hands!
by Blanket boy May 26, 2009
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jazz hands are when you do not shave your pubic hair and it comes out of the sides of your panties #peakockthongs
I went down on her last night and her jazz hands came out
by duh jazz hands November 01, 2017
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When one snaps their fingers and states "jazz hands" in order to let anther friend know they farted in public, without anyone one else knowing.
by Tangerine14 June 27, 2014
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