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The ability of completing the "perfect" drift under the most extreme conditions.
"You should of seen my 'jayar' yesterday around the most dificult hairpin"
by anonymous February 06, 2004
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the guy from san diego who is known world wide for his drifting skillz and is also known as the original "driftkid"
guy1: "whos that guy in the trueno???"
guy2: "Oh! thats JAYAR"
by Atshushi Hara January 30, 2004
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One who is of homosexual tendencies. can be used in a derogatory way to insult someones "gayness".
your acting kinda, Jayar, today, step back!
His, swagger's, been, Jayared, today man!
Hey where's that, booky, guy, at, hes definitely ,jayar,!
by Alexp9993 May 24, 2011
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