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the relationship between jack and kate on the television programme LOST
jater-someone who supports jate
jate is fate
i am a jater...
by bruceta and daveina August 18, 2005
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The couple name for Jack and Kate on the show LOST.
Did you see that Jate scence in last night's episode? OMG!

by janmgii April 11, 2007
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To arrive late and drunk
or to arrive hungover and late

to arrive jate you must be texting someone and are either to drunk orhungover to see you have misspelledLate
dude ,i am wasted i will be jate
hungover i will be jate to work again.
by allreadyjate October 14, 2009
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A social appointment which is ambiguous in romantic nature. Typically characterized by a man claiming the appointment is purely platonic even though it's obviously not.
We're going on a Jate at Tatte later today.
by gingerbreadman13 May 04, 2020
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The relationship of Jack and Kate in the TV series 'LOST'. Just as 'sate' refers to Sawyer and Kate. Guess it's a 'cool' thing with girls to associate relationships with merged names. Certainly not a guy thing, but anyhow..
sate sux! LOL!! jate is the best!
OMG!! i hate sate. I want jate! sate sux
jate is good, but sate is better. jackiet sux
i am a jate fan 4eva! lol
by pmarriott May 22, 2008
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