The hockey mask wearing, machete wielding killer in the Friday the 13th movies.


A little bit of history:

It was thought that Jason Voorhees had drowned in Crystal Lake when he was 11 years old, because the coucelers weren't paying attention.

A year after that on Friday the 13th two councilers were murdered
The camp got closed but was reopened after a couple of years (On a Friday the 13th)
The killings started again and it was soon clear that Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees, was the murderer.
She took revenge on the coucilers because they didn't pay attention to her child.

The only survivor, Alice, decapitated Pamela.
Jason saw his mother being decapitated and took revenge on everyone who came back to Camp Crystal Lake, he even went down to Manhatten once and he also went into outer space.


Jason first appeared in the end of Friday the 13th as a deformed half rotting kid that jumped out of the water, this was actually a dream of Alice.
Then he appeared with a brown sack on his head and after that with the hocky mask wich is now pretty much his trademark.

Jason never really runs, but strangely he always manages to keep up with his victims and always manages to get to the hidingplace of the teens before the teens themselves.
The teens always appear to be very stupid in the movies (besides some eceptions)

Stupid teenager examples:
1. The woods are scary, let's go in!
2. All our friends have mysteriously dissapeared, let's have sex!

Oh yeah and Jason never dies, he just keeps coming back and because of that the movie people keep making sequels.

Jason was also resurrected by Freddy Krueger to scare the kids on Elm Street so they would believe in Freddy again.
But Jason just couldn't stop killing the teens on Elm Street, because of this Freddy got mad and decided to take care of Jason himself and thus started the showdown between two great slasher icons.

FUNNY FACT: Whenever people start to have sex in the movies, Jason starts killing.
And never ever have sex in Jason's movies, seriously he fucking hates that! And you wil just start another killing spree because you couldn't control your hormones.
by dbdragon June 23, 2005
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The hockey mask wearing, machete wielding killer in the Friday the 13th movies (Not the first one).

He drowned at Camp Crystal Lake, then his mommy took revenge on the camp councilers, then his mother got killed and now he revenges his mother by killing everyone that comes to Camp Crystal Lake also known as Camp Blood.

He has appeared in 11 movies by now because even if he gets killed he just keeps coming back.
That guy just can't be stopped he's like Jason Voorhees!
by dbdragon August 18, 2005
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The killer in the horror movies "Friday the 13th". He mostly uses a machete, wears a hockey mask, is very big and strong, and doesn't talk. Faced off against "A Nightmare on Elm Street" killer Freddy Krueger.
You cannot escape Jason no matter how fast you run
by Mister Happyface March 13, 2005
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jason is a lonely sap that cant make friends cause of his deformed face
jason voorhees is very lonley
by lonelynicholas May 8, 2019
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a guy from the series called "friday the 13th". he iz tall dead uses a machette 2 kill wears a hocky mask and grusome.he died as a kid at camp crystal lake, he drowned because no1 would kome in the water 2 help the poor little now he seeks revenge in just killing random people!
"oh my god look at that guy getting hiz head sliced off!!!!"

"itz like a jason voorhees copycat!!!!!!!"
by trevor jordan May 21, 2005
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A guy seen on a SnorgTees shirt found on this website. He has a knife.
I saw this shirt advertisement with Jason Voorhees on it. It was Firday the !2th.
by bobjohn8 January 24, 2011
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Jason Voorhees is a serial killer.
Jason Voorhees killed Jim.
by DOGMAN_5676 May 20, 2020
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