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1. A person with janky characteristics, esp. someone who is known to rip others off.
2. A person who attempts to pass off half-assed work as quality.
That car John sold me broke down after two weeks, he's such a damn jankster.
by pipebomb February 23, 2005
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(gangk-ster) one who steals things, a theif. 2. a kleptomaniac. 3. a pot dealer
Joey Cleeter is a jankster.

That jankster over there has some good shit, man.
by jacksonindroppedc December 01, 2009
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1. A person who is dirty, smelly, sloppy, disgusting, etc.
2. A dirty man on the street who "hollers" at you as you're walking by.
A jankster is any person who can proudly say "I haven't showered in a week and a half!"
by the pseudo bird July 28, 2008
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noun. a gangsta that is not african-american. slightly lower on the cool-facter scale.

can also be used as an adverb.

also see janksta.
"Eminem is a jankster."

"That's jankster."
by Laurie *is hot* April 09, 2005
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