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Janiya is the most sexiest/prettiest thing in the world. Most people hate janiyas but they don't give a f$&@. Janiyas doesn't needsfriends at all but the ones they have, they love. Janiya is mean. Janiyas are very smart and does a lot of activities. All the boys and girls like Janiya and some hate them but that doesn't phase them at ALL.
Janiya doesn't go with any boy or girl just by meeting them for a day. They would want to get to know the person.
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by March 14, 2017
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Janiya is a goddess she is so fine and is thick asf. you cant even describe her beauty. All the boys/girls are on her. she is unpredictable you never know what she is gonna do nxt. if you are with Janiya you should hold on to her tight. Because you know that everybody gonna want her. But you don't have to worry about her cheating because she is a loyal person. If Janiya likes you your lucky . But if you are in a relationship and she likes you she doesn't want you to cheat she just wanted you to know that she had feeling for you but that doesn't change anything. Janiya doesn't like drama but somehow she always get caught up in the middle of it. Janiya has a big booty. Janiya knows shes not fat shes just thick in all the right places. Janiya is a QUEEN. you don't wanna mess with her because she gonna pop of in 1.2 seconds and she don't care if she get in trouble for it. janiya has a attitude. it can either be good are bad it just depends. Janiya is that bitch that you don't wanna mess with. she will bust yo shiiit. so don't play with her. she has been through a lot but people don't know that because she is always smiling. Janiya is so bipolor so you never know how she feeling about you. She is very popular and always has the best trends. she is a fashionista. She always stay LIIIIIITTTTTTT! she aint no fake friend and she gonna keep it one hunnid with you. if you aint cool with her then you just aint cool with her. but if you want some beef its a plate call her ugly it's a hate
girl\boy: can you go out with me?
janiya: do you have a girlfriend?
boy/girl: yeah.....but she aint gotta know
janiya: nope....i'm not finna be yo side chick and i'm not a hoe.
by darkskinn niya August 17, 2018
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Janiya's are lovely and caring. They usually tend to put others first before themselves. They are very very very beautiful inside and out. If you're friends with a Janiya consider yourself one of the luckiest people ever. If you're in a relationship with a Janiya I suggest you never let go of her.
"Janiya's so Beautiful" "Oh we love Janiya"
by Booty.Licker123 June 19, 2017
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Gaceful very pretty amazing friend and is all there for others janiyas are very funny and fun to be around they are very popular .
Janiya is very pretty
by jayden.smith January 01, 2015
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A very pretty girl can dance she likes to laugh that’s that bitch you don’t want to mess with she thick asf 😝🔥
Makell: hey Cuzzo
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by Itzyagirlessie June 10, 2018
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The absolute goddess of beauty, sex, love and friendship. If you have a Janiya right now then you keep the hell out of her because you don't want to let someone like her go. She is so beautiful inside and out and people love her for that. She is the best thing that will ever happen o you, she's very loyal and keeps her word if she needs to
"I love Janiya so much" "Janiya is just unforgettable"
by Booty.Licker123 June 19, 2017
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Janiya’s are very beautiful and sometimes mean when they wanna be Janiya’s are very bipolar but usually there mad or sad.Janiya’s are very attractive and usually a lot of boys like her janiya’s Are very well known and cool with a lot of people janiya’s can be annoying and they are ready to pop off any minute if u mess with them😂also Janiya’s are cocky sometimes and if your with her don’t loose more thing Janiya’s are funny and will test u alot
Girl:Are you Janiya?
Janiya:Why you need to know?

Boy:Who do you like?
Other boy:Janiya
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