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New Zealand for cheap rubber footwear. See thong word.
Put you jandles on. We're going into town.
by Squidling July 15, 2003
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A word used in New Zealand/Aotearoa for a type of footwear...
From the Japanese Sandal...
A thong in Australia
A flipflop in US

Made of rubber.
Dont wear socks with jandles!

"Hi, where did you get those jandles?"

The sand was too hot so she put on her jandles
by Layla..... July 09, 2005
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Guy1: Woah bro those are some sick shoes!! What are they called i want some??

Guy2: They're Jandles.
by Raven quinn October 24, 2017
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An alternate word for a handle of alcohol; only used when describing the handles used in "edward jandle-hands" (a rare alternative to edward 40-hands)
I bet you cant finish your jandles in a game of edward jandle hands!
by mike667 November 14, 2011
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An object that could act as a handle;
an object which could also be used to jab or poke something.

A Phallus is an example of a jandle.

"You can't handle ma jandle bitch."

"I stabbed my pick into the rockface to make a handy jandle."
by tyhm April 24, 2009
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the combination of thongs or flip flops worn in conjunction with socks. This look is found commonly in new zealand alongside sheep. to obtain this terrible look, the potential wearer must first; put on a pair of long socks, then two; slip on their thons or flip flops.
greg- " quick bruu lets rep the jandles?"
by tomosapien June 25, 2010
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