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verb: the act of slapping anothers face with a sock; as if it was one's penis. The term turkey sock can also be used if the sock that is being used to slap with, contains some form of seminal residue
another: i hate you!?
one: lol at your face!?
another: why are you taking off your sock?
one: to get ya
another: ...?
one: *slaps with slightly dampened sock*
another: damn it i just got hit by a turkey-sock
by tomosapien July 21, 2010

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A white australian child, particularly one of a low socioeconomic class. Tend to be loud and mentally disadvantaged and can be found roaming in packs around the housing commision area in penrith valley or the renouned penrith plaza.
ladlets often wear nautica or canterbury clothing which are usually hand-me-downs as their parents or carer(that actually dont really care) cannot afford new ones. instead of nike tn's they wear rabens, as they are a cheap substitute.
These ladlets also try to scam cigarettes of almost any one. Yet they most commonly scam their cigarettes off older ladlets whom are often called lads or eshays.
the only words in the ladlet vocabulary consist of; cunt, braah, dickhead, whatcunt (one word) gimme, smoke, lad, esh, lad, esh-lad, esshays and a.
"Hey cunt, you wanna shut your ladlet up!"

p1-"look over there a baby lad"

p2-"dont go acting like you know what you're talking about, that is a ladlet."

"Hey man, watch your wallet, there are ladlets swarmin the plaza!"

ladlet 1- "gimme a smoke braah/cunt/lad/esh-lad"

if they receive a smoke "eshays"
if smoke not received "whatcunt?" (in prepubecent 5-12 year old voice)
by tomosapien June 25, 2010

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1: orgasm acheived by stimulation of the clitoris with the tounge
2: a person of naturally dark decent whom of which comes from the teeebonumingajumba tribe (teeebo for short). The men of this tribe have naturally occuring large penises and are immune to HIV/AIDS but not malaria. they also like to eat cheese.
guy1 "whoa dude, i just totally teeeboed your misses last night"
guy2 "no you did't, you couldn't teebo a chick if your life depended on it."
there was a teeebo in the kitchen, eating chicken.
by tomosapien June 09, 2010

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the combination of thongs or flip flops worn in conjunction with socks. This look is found commonly in new zealand alongside sheep. to obtain this terrible look, the potential wearer must first; put on a pair of long socks, then two; slip on their thons or flip flops.
greg- " quick bruu lets rep the jandles?"
by tomosapien June 25, 2010

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