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Jamiyah is a gorgeous girl. Who is funny, thick, she has a crush and may leave him confused at any time and her temper is short.
Jamiyah Is the prettiest, most hilarious, confusing girl in the world
by 1$olid.bug June 24, 2016
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Jamiyah is a amazing person she is funny and smart she lights up my day everyday. I love her sooo much.If ur not Jamiyah’s friend then ur lost because she’s something that is nothing to play with.Everytime she goes out for something special 😂😂😂She looks fine as wine 😍😍😍she isn’t black nor white but both.She in some drama not all and that’s what makes Jamiyah the Bestttttt😘😘😘
We have a purpose to live when she’s around😍❤️
Boy1:that’ girl is aggy asf
Boy2:well that’s jamiyah ur gonna regret that
by CashOnly.issa3 May 20, 2018
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Jamiyah is the most beautiful girl on the planet she talented thicccc asf she's a great friend and she has an amazing personality plus she's very smart. Not all Jamiyah's are this amazing some are the exact oppisite.
guy: hey theres a Jamiyah she sexy asf

girl: *sucks teeth* I wish I looked like her *rolls eyes*
by ilovecupcakesangell March 11, 2019
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