When you have just finished having sex and you take a shit on his/hers back and slide them down the stairs
by Jiggaboojamal💯👀 April 18, 2017
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when you take a shit on someones hand while their sleeping. and tickle their face so they result in slapping your shit on their own face.
sleeping person: (sleeping)
awake person: smearing shit on others hand then tickle face and its a jamaican mudslide
by steven brian July 28, 2010
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Outlawed in so e jurisdictions, a Jamaican Mudslide occurs when a male is engaging in doggy style intercourse with a partner. The male makes sounds as if he's going to blow a load, but instead turns around and sneakily defecates on the partners back, mimicking the feeling of a warm load. The partner usually notices what has happened only when it is too late, and feces is already sliding down your back (hence: mudslide). Usually, the increased weight of the feces or smell of the room alerts the partner to second guess what is on their back. The discovery is generally unfortunate.
Sarah: What happened to that guy you met on Tinder?

Judy: We were having sex and he said he was going to bust on my back and I said ok. I then heard weird sounds and felt a very heavy, warm spot on my back. I stood up quickly, and his poop slid down my back. I was very embarrassed.

Sarah: Tinder is nuts. You got a Jamaican Mudslide.

Fefecate shit mudslide
by Great Seany May 03, 2018
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