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completely and totally fucked up off alchohol beyond all recognition. usually associated with drunken rambling, irratic dancing, and vomitting
Jake got totally fuckin jaked at the party last weekend.
by fartknocker April 26, 2004
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To be completely intoxicated from alcohol. Extremely drunk. (especialy from Dewars or Glenfiddich, maybe Guinness).
Yo fool, you should of seen Paul last night, man....he was JAKED!
by Brizzock May 17, 2003
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To be dropped off at a random location, not by choice.
Jake: man that bitch made out with some one right in front of me
Matt: So what did you do?
Jake: I dropped that bitch off at a gas station
Matt: hahaha man that bitch got jaked
by awesimo April 23, 2010
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1. to be extremely intoxicated
2. to get fucked over
3. to be a mcmillen
4. to get caught out by the po po or to be not stealth as to lead to getting caught out by dem po-po.
yo libby, you are so J4L (jaked for life)
by aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii October 22, 2006
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-v.-(jay*k*ed) 1. to be tricked or fooled in such a way that you are completely surprised punked 2. to be the victim of a "hit it & quit it."
1. "Dude, that guy got jake'd at the party, it was hilarious."

2. " I met him, we had sex and then he left, I guess i was jake'd."
by JJK3 December 22, 2005
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To be deserted, blown off or otherwise ignored by a close friend.
Though we arrived at the event together, I got jaked and thus had to find my own ride home.
by Dillon Robert November 07, 2015
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to be really high or drunk. Or to just be completly unfoucused, as if there are three people speaking directly to you, and you are busy starring at your hands.
hey john are you alright.(huh???)
Dude your jaked.
haha i went to lala land with pepe and chichi
by J-bowz June 09, 2006
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