A precious character from Homestuck that did nothing wrong. Also ex boyfriend of Dirk Strider.
by The Voice of Night Vale January 20, 2016
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person A: omg i cant believe jake english just had hardcore sex with my father
person B: his ass is just so fat nobody can resist him
by crabify October 2, 2021
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Jake English is a character from the comic Homestuck. he is a rather complex character who is a Page of hope. He wishes to be an adventuring brave man but in reality is scared, and he hurts and heavily relies on others without knowing it. he is mostly seen as the main crush for the alpha kids. especially Jane Crocker and Dirk strider.
person 1: oh Jesus I think one of the worst characters in homestuck is Jake English.
person 2: oh come on he isn't that bad, just misunderstood. now {bro strider and vriska Serket on the other hand-
by Fandom Tea April 17, 2020
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person 1: "my favorite homestuck character is jake english."
person 2: "why?"
person 1: "hes just extremely sexy."
by mmeeoowww August 14, 2021
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