The name that means lovable, caring, needy, and protective. This definition usually applies to dogs with the name Jagr. (Pronounced: Yaw•ger) (this is a tribute to my wonderful dog, who's name did not yet have a definition.) I LOVE YOU JAGR DOGR
I love my Jagr Dogr.

Jagr is a handsome doggo
by Kirbii January 18, 2018
One of the best ice-hockey player all the time. Right-wing born 1972 Czech Republic. Today's captain of NY Rangers stand out at balance, passing and leadership won 2 stanley cups and a lot of trophy's in NHL, Gold medal in Olympic Games in Nagano 1998, bronze in Turin 2006 and gold in World Championships in 2005 in Vienna. On March 03 2006, Jagr became the best europe hockey player in Nhl, through beating 1400 carrer points.
Jaromir Jagr scores !!!
by Diokhan May 9, 2007
Jaromir Jagr is a professional Ice Hockey player hailing from the Czech Republic. Jaromir was selected 5th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1990 NHL entry draft (winning his only 2 championships to date with them in 1991 and 1992) and has since played for the NHL's Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars, and Boston Bruins. He currently (as of 2014) plays for the NHL's New Jersey Devils, and is near the top of the NHL's all-time goals, assists, and points leaders. He has also won many other championships, medals, and awards from his time playing in Europe and for the Czech national team.
It'll be sad when Jaromir Jagr retires.
by The only A I C (Get it?) May 26, 2014
Mixing Red Bull and Jagrmeister together and throwing it down shot style. You can substitute other brands of energy drinks like Monster Energy, but the Jagr is a must. Taken best as a shot. Typical standars are as follows: 1 shot for fun, 2 of them to get fucked up, and 3 of them and you're probably going to black out and/or start a fight with your friends (assuming you're mixing in a couple stiff drinks between each shot like you should). Drinking to many Jagr Bombs could (and has) result in a trip to Detox.
"Damn, I had 5 Jagr Bombs last night. I can't remember anything, but I guess I punched my boy in the head. I got thrown out of the club and those Pigs ended up hauling me off to Detox."
by Mark Pearson August 13, 2006
A hard slap shot by legendary NHL ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr, which almost always results in a goal.
Person 1: "Dude, did you see that jagr bomb last night?"
Person 2: "Which one? Jagr scored like 7 goals..."
by TheRecklessRussian March 6, 2015
The most loyal, protective man. He always takes care of what’s important to him, and will show unconditional love and support. He’s strong, both physically and mentally; he’s the life of a party and the person everyone wants to be around. You want to have a jagr in your life. They’re one of a kind. He’s hot and sexy; he’ll be your best friend, and if you’re lucky; your lover too.

Jagr is the most loyal man, who will always have his boys back. Everyone needs a jagr in their life.
Yeah, that’s my boyfriend; jagr.

Yah that’s my boy Jagr, hes a real one.
by xxctr November 23, 2021