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A stinky town in Japan which was actually infamous for its bad air quality. Nagano is home to grouchy old women who don't like you and sexy Judo masters who do. It never rains here ever.
"Wow, that old woman's a bitch."
"No kidding? She just immigrated from Nagano."
by Saki D July 14, 2008
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The dude from Ninja Warrior who won total victory. Only two other Japanese guys have done so.
Yo, man, you heard 'bout Makoto Nagano? He tots pwned Mt. Midoriyama!
by Hotaru-Chan August 11, 2011
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A way for white people to use the N-word in a non-offensive way.
What's up, my Nagano.
by Bruce Wayne Jr. April 6, 2016
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