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Mixing Red Bull and Jagrmeister together and throwing it down shot style. You can substitute other brands of energy drinks like Monster Energy, but the Jagr is a must. Taken best as a shot. Typical standars are as follows: 1 shot for fun, 2 of them to get fucked up, and 3 of them and you're probably going to black out and/or start a fight with your friends (assuming you're mixing in a couple stiff drinks between each shot like you should). Drinking to many Jagr Bombs could (and has) result in a trip to Detox.
"Damn, I had 5 Jagr Bombs last night. I can't remember anything, but I guess I punched my boy in the head. I got thrown out of the club and those Pigs ended up hauling me off to Detox."
by Mark Pearson August 12, 2006
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