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jadden is a hottie , he is smart, he has a good personality, i wish he was mine
jadden is such a hottie , i wish he was mine
by babyguh1738 January 07, 2017
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Mostly known as the better sibling and the most coolest person u will ever know.
The girls all say omg he's such a Jadden
by Antwon69 July 28, 2016
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An idiot that no matter what manages to steal your heart but doesn't care to give it back. He can be attractive if he tries and can sometimes act like a manhoe. Even though he bounces from girl to girl, he loves to friend zone (even sister zone) girls.
Girl 1:What's wrong?
Girl 2:Jadden's are so heartless...I love him and hate him so much! He's such a manhoe
by Onlyfoolsfall4u April 21, 2018
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