A usually large dick more than 10 inches long and 2 inches wide.
jack's dick is huge! he pounded me with it for an hour last night!
by Whiteboi6969 December 18, 2016
When a male drinks so much alcohol, he can't get it up.
He had so much to drink at the bar, when he finally got the girl home he had Jack Dick and couldn't perform.
by rhinoguy August 29, 2005
Very small in size, unsatisfying, searching for hours to find. His balls however are Sugarnuts
Katie: 'Oh, yeah i was with him last night and Jack's DICK did not live up to expectations. Gonna have to leave him.
by hankypanky97 June 14, 2017
n., adj.,(Richard John formally) Incessant masturbator, 'net porn addict, dates ONLY girlie magazines or left/right hand, can get erect at the fleeting glimpse of a woman's cleavage in a TV soap ad or speeding by the other way on a six-lane highway.
Is one REALLY necessary? It's probably YOU reading this. Just look in the mirror. Dick Jack.
by Professional Scold July 11, 2008
Jack sucked my brothers cock last night
Jack loves dick so much
by Jacklikesdicksomuch December 20, 2021
When you friend is fucking with you. Similar to pulling my leg.
Hey Kent quit jacking my dick bro where's my cookies.
by Felixthe January 10, 2017
To interrupt a male with conversation while he is at the urinal.
I was taking a leak and Dave wanted to talk about the Thompson account.

Man, you were dick-jacked.
by mr.ben August 7, 2006