This phrase is often used in situations where no other option is present, and you're just going to have to.
Linardo bro you have to muck that duster
"Idk Potts, seems mucky but... *click gonna have to"
by Scoonch January 24, 2017
A term used to express excitement and anger and about any emotion imaginable. But be careful, people might assume you are literally giving birth to cows. If you choose to play along with this childish idea, make disturbing groans while squeezing your buttcheeks together. And people may ask you where you keep your cows. Tell them that you keep them in a pin behind your house!
(Accidentally drops phone and cracks screen)
Suzzy: Oh my goodness, I'm gonna have a cow!
(Friends throw a surprise birthday party)
Friends: SURPRISE!

Herald: AH! I'm gonna have a cow!
(Also consider... Trips and falls on school stairs in front of hot seniors)
Tina: About 24 cows just escaped my pin... ;(
by kakattack3000 July 17, 2015
A quote from Lord Of The Flies. Simon, a nearly mute character who is very in touch with nature and at peace with himself, suffers a hallucination at the top of a jungle mountain on an island. He stares at a (real) pig's head impaled on a stick and imagines that he hears it taunting him and daring him to hope for rescue.
Person Being Hugged: "Dude, let go. I have to get back to work."

Hugger: "No! We're gonna have fun on this island!"
by Knarf1995 October 28, 2011
Is what Justin did to Janet during the superbowl halftime.
Justin: "gonna have you naked by the end of this song!"...*RIPP!*
by stergo February 4, 2004
a segment of lyrics from justin timberlakes song, "rock your body." the famous last words said before ripping off janet jacksons boob cover at the superbowl
In rock ur body, one lyric is, "gonna have u naked by the end of this song"
by amanda February 2, 2004