Political leader of the New Democrat Party in Canada who tries real hard to look like Vladimir Ilyich Lenin everyday.
Jack Layton tries real hard to look like Vladimir Ilyich Lenin everyday.
by Democracy is Dead April 15, 2010
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Just another political prick who says he cares but really, he just gets his drones to mock other politicians in competition with him.... yup, he's an ass.
"Look at that douche kissing babies...what a Jack Layton."
by lover of freedom June 19, 2009
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Jack Layton is the bald, short leader of the NDP Party in Canada. You may recognize him as the man who will do anything to get a few votes, and that includes humiliating himself on Muchmusic trying to act "hip". Poor Jack. Everyone knows the NDP is a wasted vote...
Jack Layton, the Leader of the NDP
by drumx97 January 25, 2006
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The Hon. Dr. Jack Layton is the Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Member of Parliament for Toronto—Danforth.

A strong, charismatic leader, Layton has a long record of getting results for people. He served as a leading member of the Toronto City Council and as founder and head of the Green Catalyst Group, a green business in Toronto, and developed a reputation for turning words into action on key issues. In 2003, he became Leader of Canada's New Democratic Party, and since then, he has led the party through three elections and nearly tripled the NDP's seat count, showing a remarkable ability to connect with voters by offering exciting new solutions to the major challenges facing Canadians.

Layton's priorities including investing in a new energy future based around wind, solar, and other renewable sources of power to create economic prosperity and environmental sustainability, and repealing Stephen Harper's corporate tax cuts and instead putting money into training more doctors and nurses to get rid of the wait times for healthcare.

Layton's vision for change to create new prosperity, sustainability, and opportunity for all Canadians, coupled with his boundless passion for delivering real results on key issues have driven him to the forefront of Canadian politics and made him the only positive choice to be Canada's Prime Minister.
Jack Layton will be Canada's next Prime Minister.
by JavikanONE February 10, 2009
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The most prominent and revered member of Canadian politics, and the brains behind the NDP (New Democratic Party) of Canada.
"Jack Layton's Moustache is the only politician in Canada that is actually qualified to be the Prime Minister"
by C-Bat August 17, 2011
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Leader of the NDP(New Democratic Party) of Canada. Focuses on important social changes to Canada, including protecting abortion rights and legalising gay marriage.
Jack Layton is running in the next federal election
by Canadianskiier April 11, 2005
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