J Bones are a brand of shoes originally worn by legendary basketball player, Michael "Air" Jordan. J Bones / Jordan shoes are made by the Jordan Company, which is a part of Nike.
"I'm bout to get dem retro j bones!"
by The Legacy Boyz August 24, 2007
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An intentional grazing or touching of a women’s lady parts (especially boobies) made to look accidental in the workplace.
He reached for the rack of pint glasses and accidentally on purpose, grazed my boobies with his hand, and therefore j boned me.
by his co-worker February 02, 2012
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A person whos name starts with J (hence J)and has sex with many women (hence bone).
Yo that's a real J-Bone beside you.
by sinaman May 21, 2006
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A slang term meaning erect penis. This is the shortened form of J bonedawg.
I can't stand up right now because I've got a J bone .
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to lay around and do nothing but sleep, eat, and booze
All my roommate does all day is jbone it up on the couch. He's such a freeloader.
by Kobe451 September 28, 2010
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n. A Fark user who saw fit to correct the grammar of long-time Farkers, unaware he was correcting a long-standing cliche.
Slang for newbie.
Not "morons." (Spelled with no "a," by the way)
by Prude_Hawkeye November 19, 2004
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