If you know you know. Basically used as a short term for an inside joke.
*texting a friend*

Friend 1- hey, what’s Carter doing in the other room?

Friend 2- Iykyk😳

Friend- oh shiii
by Cool_kid😎 December 21, 2020
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If you know , you know
IYKYK - B love why you aint show me love
by J - Thang 100 Gz March 30, 2022
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Iykykstands for, ‘if you know, you know’ as in,
*inside joke* ‘hahaaa, iykyk’
by Pathkinana October 20, 2020
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Usually comes after a vague phrase, inside joke, or cursed meme.

If you know you know
Discord user 1- *Cursed image*
Discord user 2 - Iykyk
by beecommitedtaxfraud November 2, 2020
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