Means nothing is bad.

Used in an optimistic sense to show the lightheartedness of something.
-Hey man, sorry about that. I had someone on the other line.
-Oh it's all good.
by sirrah March 28, 2005
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Just like saying it is ok. When someone says sorry it would be relevant to use this phrase
Sorry for leaving you hanging last night
It's all good bro
by Mufasa0122 October 28, 2014
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Platitude that covers so many emotions and situations that it says little; its only real meaning is that the speaker is trying to rise above whatever problem exists, without expressing their underlying negative emotions. (They might be angry, sad, upset, frustrated, hurt, disappointed, etc.) Often used in a passive-aggressive way. Rarely, used compassionately for someone else, trying to make them feel better. A favorite of inarticulate teens; fills in the gaps between: like, dude, dudette, whatever, so, I dunno, hey, etc.
Ariel: "I'm breaking up with you."
Campbell: "Whatever. It's all good."
by Jessie31 August 04, 2008
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Everyone/ Everything is cool.

Whoever you are/ Wherever you're from, you're alright with me.
East visiting the West:

E: "I'm from the East-side of town."

W: "It's all good. You're welcome here."
by LA Creeper February 06, 2008
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A intervention phrase to use to avoid a debate or argument.
"Man, did you hear what the president wants to do?"
"Its all good man, its all good."
by Big Merl July 04, 2004
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