(from Investopedia.com:) An infamous phrase uttered by Alan Greenspan in 1996 to describe the overvalued market at the time.

Really, it means you're way too happy about something.
ME: Holy crap, did you see that?!
DUDE: Man, you got a problem with irrational exuberance. STFU.
DUDE: Seriously, STFU!
by pinano July 14, 2004
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A number that doesn't end ever...
It will keep going even after you die even after the whole universe dies it will still be going
by This handle In already in use February 06, 2020
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an immediate dislike for someone or something that can't be justified or has no reason behind it.
Guy1: I don't like ________.
Guy2: Why?
Guy1: I don't know. I just don't.
Guy2: That, my confused little idiot, is irrational dislike.
by I like bagels August 04, 2011
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an intense feeling of opposition against an object for which there is no rational explanation
Justin has an irrational hatred against Quizno's; John has an irrational hatred against chain restaurants.
by anonymous February 24, 2005
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a person that doesn't belong in your friendship circle. this person can not be made in to a fraction of friendship pie.

an awesome phrase made by brooke
Golly, your suck an irrational number.
by Brooke with an "e" November 19, 2006
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"Irrational Rationalization", or "IR", is a commonplace, non-communicable infection of cranial cognition. People whom are exposed to this infection display a number of degraded brain cells, deprivation of motor skills, and failure to comprehend logic. "IR" is displayed when one, online, debates a fairly irrelevant point to an other. Hence the name, rationalization shown by the person infected is at a very low layer of mentality. For example, when the person debates about a sort of social media plot, the host will use derogatory language, such as, "faggot", a slang term created by humans because why not. Hosts also show many usages of deus ex machina, cutting into the other conflicts of people. One more way people exhibit "IR" is by collapsing on their own statements. This is a more widespread way of IR, utilized mostly on social media sites.
"IR" has no specific cure. However, "IR" is usually prevented by:
- Thinking more frequently
- Reading a book instead of performing inane stunts for publicity
- Avoiding putting gelid objects on your head
Psychotherapy sessions may be available for diagnosing "IR", although that is very unlikely.
Person A.: "lel your just jelous because your not smart #hashtagsaresoimportant"
Person B.: "According to this, you're jealous of me for having an advanced education in English. Irrational rationalization's bad."
Person C.: "I agree, Person A should take a diagnosis for the IR infection."
by Ninja of Logic August 21, 2014
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Disorder affecting thousands in the US and portions of Canada. Symptoms include racing thoughts of white pants, uncontrollable urges to manhandle fluffy red hair, blindly disregarding proper spelling rules, and feigning an interest in map-making.
ICL is thought to be caused by overexposure to the portraits and writings of early American explorer William Clark. As of 2011, there is no proven cure. Sufferers of the disorder are said to have reegretted no-thing &c.
Park Ranger: Miss, you can't stand that close to that portrait of William Clark!
Young Lady: CLAAAAAAK.
Young Lady's companion: She can't hear you Park Ranger, she's suffering from Irrational Clark Lust.
by WaterMillions July 27, 2011
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