The state of existence where every thought is dominated by the sexiness of French Revolutionary Camille Desmoulins. All other habits cease, and the victim drools over google images, books, and films pertaining to Camille Desmoulins.
Keegan: Let's see... the capital of Azerbaijan is... oh god.. Camille.... you sexy place tonight.... my parents aren't home...leave Horace with Robespierre... hnnnng

Doctor: Son, you've got a bad case of Irrational Desmoulins Lust. This requires some serious treatment, and I need to start you on a round of hormone relaxers immediately.
by rageofmarat July 13, 2011
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To put it in with no stopping
Im going to irraticate you till you cry for help
by Manslaughter2 March 07, 2018
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Irration is the opposite of ration (which can be defined as a fixed allowance of some kind, ea. food).

Irration is the infinite contribution of whatever you would like. "Ask and you shall receive".
Welcome to your new world! Here you can allow yourself to be the irrational being you truly be. And here's your irration card. It has unlimited amounts of whatsoever you care for and has infinite validity. Have fun!
by Cleareasy March 30, 2018
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The paradoxical outcome of excessive rationalization (efficiency, mass production, etc) in contemporary society
These mass produced, 99 cent, omnipresent umbrellas from China are a great example of irrationalization in contemporary society.
by dragon breath March 28, 2016
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To explain behavior or attitude with illogical, implausible reasons.
"Because my closest friends will be there", she said, "everyone I most like spending time with", explaining why she refused to go to the party. He could counter any reasonable explanation with facts, but hearing her irrationalize, he became flummoxed and just gave in.
by Monkey's Dad March 15, 2020
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A state of mind where the person, place or thing causes complete imaginary chaos that becomes real for about 10 seconds.
Dude, I feel like an irrational Jimmy for a second there.
by urbanwordhunter April 16, 2010
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