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Someone who left the planet better than how she found it.
Being a female with creative control of her own show - in the 1950s - is pretty badass.
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart January 1, 2022
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See Illustration. Anytime. Anyplace. Especially the Anal Office.
"Monica, you dirty girl...Wet Willie is coming ...ugggggggghhhhhhhh"...........
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart September 27, 2017
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1. Something big, hairy, and scary. (No, dude, not your penis...I said big :-) ) that can ACTUALLY happen to you, as opposed to an irrational fear.
2. Something not physically scary, but mentally terrifying yet very real...like an "aw, shit" moment.
Examples of rational fears:
That 90 pound Rottweiler that's about to latch onto your ass like it was a big, meaty, steak.

That 15-year old girl's father after he found out you were studying anatomy instead of geometry.

Worrying that you're gonna flunk geometry because you were studying anatomy instead of geometry.
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart August 12, 2016
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A latex sleeve into which your beefy burrito snugly fits, so none of your sauce drips into your woman's lips.
Don: "C'mere, baby, Donnie's gonna make you feel like a real woman tonight."
Mel: "Whatever...just wrap that thang in a burrito sleeve first, big boy."
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart September 27, 2017
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Something that scares the living shit out of you that isn't going to kill/hurt/maim you. Just grow a pair, deal with it, and move on. You can thank me later.
Rational fears:
1. That BIG fucking dog that accidentally got out of the neighbor's yard...AGAIN!
2. Ramifications of telling your boss to go fuck himself (or herself.)

Irrational fears:
1. Asking a guy/girl on a date. (OK, she says no, maybe laughs a little...tells her friend, who post it on...OK, maybe this is a rational fear!)
2. Getting screwed by a leprechaun. (Leprechauns have such small dicks...so I've been told.)
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart July 26, 2014
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Dumbest way of saying 'America' I have ever heard.
I love merica, goddammit. If yer one of those goddam socialist-types who doesn't like it here...well, you can move to Finlandia 'er sumplace.
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart July 7, 2016
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