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Going down on a girl while giving her manual G spot stimulation.
While going down on her, I slipped in a finger. She started moaning and twitching. When you feel the contractions, her hips arch, and the moaning stops, your doing the iron butterfly correctly.
by Eddy October 05, 2006
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the big sister of butterflies(tummy butterflies). These do not occur in relationships that are solely based off of infatuation. Iron Butterflies only occur in incredibly loving relationships, the feeling is much like that of regular butterflies but amplified by a thousand. it feels like butterflies made out of iron are flying around in your belly.
"lock my door and just stay in my room. forever baby. without a care in the world."

"you know how to read my mind! and give me crazyyy iron butterflies"
by holymoleydood October 20, 2010
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Tattoo of a butterfly in the pubic region of females then finished off by using multiple labia piercings as the tail end of the butterfly wings.
"she had 4 rings in each labia on her iron butterfly"
by Manofwar19d April 10, 2008
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