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The thing speaks for itself. Legal term for something which is self-evident.
"They misunderestimate me." -- George W. Bush
by Kurtz February 10, 2004

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That Q-Tip stuck up the urethra to either detect or ointment-treat a venereal disease. Also used as a proper noun insult.
Don't call Don a douchebag. That's insulting to people who douche. Don is a goddamned VD Swab, and a terrible human being to boot.
by kurtz December 30, 2014

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When the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others crosses over to pity.
Did you hear about the Red Power Ranger? He stabbed his roommate to death. With a sword. Over an argument. Schadenfrown....

Oh, that 2nd Amendment Advocate's child shot himself with his parent's poorly secured gun. Schadenfrown...
by kurtz February 04, 2015

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