when you pooped and you said fucky skerplashish!!! oh no ho the poop.
by fuckyufuck May 22, 2023
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when you are in the act of deficating on a toilet and using your iphone at the same time sometimes causing someone to loose trake of time.
Mom: son, i was waiting in the car for you, what took you so long??

Son: sorry mom i had to ipoop
by jpoopg January 29, 2010
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Ipad used for the sole purpose of entertaining you when you take a dump.
I took such a long dump yesterday that I had the time to get 3 stars in every Angry Birds level on my ipoop.
by L123. June 30, 2011
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The act of using your iPhone throughout the duration of taking a dump in order to turn "downtime" into "uptime" or to enhance the experience, stave off boredom etc.
Man I stumbled across the coolest website while I was taking an iPoop the other day.
by Timothin October 3, 2009
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ipoop is a term describing an elongated time spent on the toilet while going number two due to using an iphone.
Oh man that was such a good ipoop.
by Schyby June 4, 2009
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A verb. In communal bathrooms (e.g., dorms, workplace), the act of listening to your iPod while defecating to drown out the sound of your own bodily functions, thus covering up any possible embarrassment.
"I've gotta go drop a deuce in the bathroom, but I know it's going to be loud as hell."
"Go iPoop then, you won't be able to hear it."
by JakePatoski November 2, 2005
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You got an iPoop? I guess you care more about fashion than function.
by Bman21212 October 17, 2006
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