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ion is a slang word that stands for 'I don't'
ion think Billie Jean is my lover
by jon.got.clout May 27, 2018

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When a nigga say some gay shit, you simply say "no homo" as in I didn't mean to say that in a gay way
I would fuck that nigga in the ass, no homo
by jon.got.clout September 12, 2017

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When something isn't right, unanticipated.
Amanda: 'Women's Rights!'
Jim: 'This ain't it, chief'
by jon.got.clout November 03, 2018

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A young nigga, old nigga, middle aged nigga, broke nigga, rich nigga
Look at this nigga, his jeans is flooding
by jon.got.clout September 06, 2017

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