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A boy who knows how to treat girls right. Usually happy but when he's sad you can tell. tall, dark hair and eyes. Very athletic and popular. funny and smart. Good kisser and nice body. BUSHY EYEBROWS
p1:wow look at him
p2:yeah! what a Ioane
p3:yeah you can see it in the eyebrows
by PETTY PATTY13 May 18, 2016
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Doing the rubix cube while getting sucked off.

Whenever you finish before you "finish" its called a Lam chop.
You're disqualified if you jizz before you solve the cube and that my friends is called a Ning Lam.
If your chick gets bored then thats what we call a beldi...
Friend1: How was the interview man?
Friend2: Didn't get it. Went home and pulled a ioane instead.
Friend1: (LOL) How'd you go?
Friend2: Almost had it! Then she beldi'd out on me...
Friend1: Useless man you are pathetic
by doctor chinaman September 03, 2010
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Extrovert but simultaneously an introvert.
Very ambitious and passionate.
Daring and a risk taker.
Embodies both the kindness of Keanu Reeves and confidence of BeyoncΓ©.

Damnnn I wish I was a Ioane!
Woah, such a good balance of character. Must be a Ioane!
by wetdiaperssuck July 21, 2017
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