MBTI. Commonly called "The Scientist." Often seen as arrogant, aloof, or haughty, but in fact, INTJ's just don't give a shit what you think about them. They value facts and logic above all else, and scorn illogical reasoning. One of the hardest things to understand for an INTJ is emotion, and decisions made because of emotion.
INTJs are direct, and if they have a problem with you, they will tell you. If they think you're not worth their time, they won't try to push you away, they'll just completely ignore you.
INTJs enjoy thinking about theories, and tearing them to bits, not because they disrespect them, but because they like pointing out what would work and what wouldn't. For the above to reasons, the biggest insult you could give to an INTJ would be to completely ignore their theories; it means they're not even worth the effort of considering.
The two hardest things for an INTJ to understand are irrationality and emotions.
God is often called an INTJ, and J.R.R. Tolkein's Gandalf the Grey/White is often considered an INTJ
by Maramros June 23, 2010
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Personality type from Myers Briggs. Otherwise known as the Mastermind. INTJ's are emotionless juggernauts that have no respect for you and don't care if you don't like them.
INTJ's include God, Dr. Gregory House, Michelle Obama, James Bond, and Einstein.
by Wonder Waffle December 30, 2009
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A personality type that isn't known for being warm and fuzzy. They tend to prioritize rationality and success over politeness and pleasantries; in other words, they’d rather be right than popular. This may explain why so many fictional villains are modeled on this personality type.

Due to their rational and discerning tendencies, INTJs are incredibly opportunistic individuals. They treat life as a game of Chess, where they rely on strategy and premeditation rather than chance to get the best out of everything, and they enjoy doing so.
Friedrich Nietzsche and Elon Musk are both very accurate examples of INTJs
by UltimateDoge October 04, 2021
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T-wo faced
J- erks
by friendlyhater January 13, 2021
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A: this guy is an idiot

B: and neurotic most of the time
A : also terrible jerks
B : let's call him INTJ
by INTP master race November 14, 2020
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I've seen articles about Lane Friesen's Philosophy Unveiled series and this page has his continued research.

This is his brother's website

I am also thoroughly familiar with Christopher Langan's Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.

I particularly enjoy delivering ground-breaking research in a complete and thorough manner as the best use of my God-given intellectual stamina.

I operate from one of the broadest possible action contexts and tend to cause a strong sense of purpose and meaning in people's lives. So you'll find me mixing across many disciplines and approaches seeing as I am only satisfied in my understanding when I'm able to facilitate cross-cultural and interdisciplinary cooperation between people of widely-varying personality toward mutual benefits, mental wholeness, and shared vision.
I’m an INTJ teacher type.
by badass cajun resistor II January 13, 2021
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