The concoon of blankets, pillows, duvets, and comfy things you gather around yourself to keep warm whilst spending long amounts of time on the internet.
1. Hey were's Jane tonight?
Oh she didn't want to leave her internest.

2. Tom knew that eating pizza in his internest was a bad idea, but it was just too warm and snuggly.
by angrywhiteflag November 9, 2009
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a cooler name for the word internet. much better than calling it the world wide web, and plus, it sounds like the word "interest."
"go restart the internest, i think the network went down"
"What if i told you i could make you 1 million dollars, would you be internested in that?"
"i ran out of internets"
(note: internets can be used interchangeably for internest)
by olymp14k05 May 1, 2007
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Jill and Bob have been dating for a year now, and have decided to internest.
by Marc Hernandez December 18, 2008
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Someone having set up cozy comfortable places for themself all over the internet, so you can always find them there day or night at anytime.
If you are online twenty four seven you may be an internester.
by jpg3 November 12, 2011
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A cocoon of blankets and pillows you bury yourself in whilst spending long periods of time on the internet
even though her friends were going out, Sally would rather spend her weekend Internesting.
by Super_Pooper_Loser January 30, 2016
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Two or more people crowding around a device finding something on the Internet really interesting, hence it is "internesting"
"Those kids have found something internesting"
"What are those people doing? Are they internesting?"
by Doctor Louis April 16, 2017
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A cocoon of blankets and other debris you gather around yourself for extended periods of time on the internet.
by pure_laziness April 23, 2020
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