52 definitions by Doos Jarus

A chemical tank-container
Reverse osmosis takes place in a chemtankner as part of the Cola-creation process!
by Doos Jarus May 14, 2021
One cannot successfully defend a ditchertation.
by Doos Jarus January 5, 2021
reflexive exercise
Yoga is the epitome of reflexivcise, encouraging mindful body movement.
by Doos Jarus January 16, 2021
the virtual version of "actual"; i.e., to "virtual" as "actual" is to "factual"
While the actual constitutes the factual, the irtual comprises the virtual.
by Doos Jarus December 28, 2021
I do not get a freesical for my achy hands.
by Doos Jarus December 28, 2021
occupation of binoculars by a ghost, possibly one's deceased spouse
The ghost of our home's last owner might binoccupy this pair of zoom lens.
by Doos Jarus July 18, 2020
Amerriage is risky, with roughly a 50% success rate.
by Doos Jarus January 15, 2021