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Adj (inn-teh-pik): To be described as both intense and epic simultaneously. Characterised by, transcending the ordinary, godlike proportions, a powerful essence of the highest degree, profoundly enlightening.

Can be ascribed to: objects, people, places, times, ideas
'Those medieval tapestries were intepic'
'The piano concerto was intepic'
'That movie was intepic'
'That pub crawl was intepic'
'His penis was intepic'

'Intepisation' : the process by which society transitions from the mundane to the extraordinary.
'Intepism': an understanding of the inherent connection with the self and 'nature', the relative value of intellectual capacity, harmonious human interaction guided by a system of reason and enlightenment.
'Intepocracy': a system of regulation based on the ideals of intepism.
'Intepist' :A proponent of Intepism
by David Attenbruz April 14, 2009
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the best of both words. more intense than "epic" and more epic than "intense"

that about sums it up.

credit due to: Twinity Tweens
Sukey: "Aaahh, Ukranian guys!"
Bettye: "They are so intepic!"
by purpleturtles December 05, 2011
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