A Photo or a Picture that is worth posting on Instagram.
Oh! That's a nice photo, it's Instagrammable
by LJM1213 May 20, 2016
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if the picture you have taken is an instagram worthy photo.
Wait stay there thats an instagrammable view behind you.
by wakabelslalalla April 9, 2016
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term used to describe a picture that is worth posting/sharing in instagram.
"hey, look ! its such a pretty sight, very instagrammable."
by b-atch April 27, 2016
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Instagrammer simply means a person who gets on Instagram. Better used for a person who gets on often or is obsessive over insta.
Your such an instagrammer. Every time I'm with you your on Instagram!
by Mekakitty cullen June 22, 2014
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A place, item, product, or decoration that attracts attention worthy to be shared on social media.
Can be used to describe how a place looks.
"The Food at this restaurant is definitely instagammable."

"our new themed decoration is instagrammable and is attracting new customers"
by UncleRody February 15, 2021
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A weaboo fag who posts fag content to Instagram such as them eating sushi with their perfected chopsticks skills (or any other Japanese food typically presented in anime, manga, ect.), cosplay, bragging about his Japan culture-filled room, or just being a plain bitch and posting their my anime list with about 100 entries (most of them being plan to watch) and bragging about it. These creatures are also known for liking their own pics and bombarding the comments with hash tags.
Weaboo1: Dude I discovered a guy on Instagram that is like the most awesome person ever. His Instagram name is Weaboo Instagrammer 69 He posts alot of anime-related things and he has 32 watched anime. 32!

Weaboo2: Dude you and that guy are like the biggest weaboos I have ever seen. You probably haven't even watched Naruto or Sword Art Online. And FYI, I don't meant to brag or anything but like, I've watched 56.
by thatonewierddude April 6, 2016
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