Abood's are complete savages if you see or know a abood never let them go try to get in their pants it might be difficult but if you do you'll never forget the experience

They usually don't care about much things.
Invent a nuclear bomb if they get bored
Omg look it's abood let's try to talk to him
by Cantouchthisdoodoodoo September 28, 2018
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a guy who has never had friends and if he gets friends he ruins it every time
Look it is an abood how lonely
by October 21, 2020
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To read every possible source material about a subject and gain supreme intelligence and knowledge in its field. Far beyond the rest, because you know more and the rest are all idiots
I abooded bitcoin when elon musk put in 1.2 bill
by Skarr1337 March 02, 2021
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daddy abood is a very handsome guy wanted by many women so if u have one u must try ur best to keeep himm
“daddy abood kiss me.”
by daddy abood June 14, 2021
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