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An inference based on the contents found in one's instant messaging buddy info.
i feel alive, i'm falling
we danced until the morning closed our eyes
i would love to stay here and never have to go
and no one in the world would ever know

-This is a typical style of away messages frequently used in today's instant messaging scene- the 'Emotional Song Lyric' away message. From the lyrics in this message the reader could possibly assume that the writer is trying to communicate a feeling of love or interest in another person whom they suspect might see this message.

When to use:

"Hey Jim! I saw yesterday in your info that '1000 nights could not be as black as your heart,' Is everything ok with your girlfriend?!" asks Scott.

"No Scott," explains Jim, "We are going through a rough time; good inforence!"
by Casey Fitz June 11, 2006
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