not to be confused with a nymphomaniac, an infomaniac is a person who thrives and exists based on his knowledge of facts (usually useless ones), much like a nymphomaniac relies on sex.
the symptoms of infomaniacy are obvious: a person who gathers information about anything in a very broad spectrum and without focus and has the need to share said information with all his surroundings.
John: "Did you hear that today in the news there was this article about the new research of the migration patterns of the extinct arctic snail that lived 400,000 years ago on a diet of microscopic alge and plankton and..."

Mia: Interrupting "You are such an infomaniac...."
by Theodore Von Wiffelstocken April 13, 2010
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A person exhibiting uncontrollable or excessive desire for information.
"Please don't look it up; you spend so much time online, you're a becoming a borderline infomaniac."
by jouissancepastance January 10, 2010
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1. A clipped version of 'information' combined with 'maniac; one who has an excess amount of information.

2. One who has too much information.

3. A general know-it-all.
Go ask Susan for the answer; she's an infomaniac.
by yaliblu February 01, 2005
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Someone who showers you with useless information which you never asked for...
'The guy's such an infomaniac ! I just asked him for the train times, and he told me how many wheels each engine would have...'

'Darling, I said infomaniac not nymphomaniac...I don't want to hear all your day's office gossip straight after sex, puh-leaze..'

'Jeez, get me away from that infomaniac ... who wants to hear her business gossip at a chick party ?'
by mikroth September 19, 2007
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a person who orders everything they see off of infomercials. They are unable to let one go by without ordering within the first 100 people....
I am an infomaniac...I just ordered a silver bullet, a food dehydrator, two George Foreman grills, and one Jack Lalane juicer...all will arrive on Friday....
by Grovegirl August 28, 2010
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