a stupid way for people to spell infatuation, which is an actual word, while infactuation is the way an idiot spells infatuation
friend 1: wow! dude paris hilton is my new infactuation.
friend 2: dude yor are an idiot the word is infatuation
by bbbbbowers August 11, 2008
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A non-existent word that, no matter how many times you smack someone upside the head trying to correct them, they refuse to believe the word is actually pronounced "infatuation". INFA-TUATION, you stupid kids. Making me waste my time trying to reach you.
Jerkoff: "I thought I loved her but I think I was just infactuated. SIGH........"

Smarter person: "...I didn't understand a word you just said. I think you mean infatuation?"

Jerkoff: "No, infactuation. You said it wrong."
by acideater1022 January 10, 2011
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a non existant word that is actually spelt 'infatuation'.
person 1: "I'm infactuated with that guy"
person 2: "It's spelt infatuated, there is no such word as infactuation, invest in a dictionary"
by bronnnnnULEH June 28, 2009
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an intense, sometimes short-lived interest in a subject, which makes it seem like everything you encounter is related to and/or reminds you of that theory, area, object, etc. Also the tendency to gather and hoarde knowledge, trivia, etc about your subject.
Lately I've had an infactuation with all things Madagascan, especially lemurs. I thought I heard a sifaka in the tree at my bus stop this morning, but it turned out to be the neighborhood's cat-of-the-week in heat.
by Diana Gaughan May 11, 2006
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Dizzy, high feeling of extreme like. May feel like love but before the strong bond. Can lead to love or a sudden lack of interest.
She was an infactuation junkie.
by Chanjjj August 05, 2005
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it means something like when u think u like/love someone but u actually dont...after sometime you will realise that...
Me loving him was just an infactuation.I dont really love him actually.
by spice August 12, 2004
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infactuation means when u think that u like/love someone but u really don't.
i can't believe that shawn had only an infactuation for me!!!
by kayla April 02, 2005
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