Ordinarily a military term, but recently having found its way into everyday jargon, a point man is member of an operation who leads at the front of the group. Generally this causes them to be the first person exposed to threat or danger.

The act of being a point man is to "be on point," "take point," or "walk point."
I'll be your point man since you're not familiar with the area. Make sure you watch my back.
by Tatsumatic March 17, 2011
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When going out with a group of male friends with the intent of picking up women together, the point man is the friend that will always jump on the hand grenade, while the wing man's responsibility is to distract the cock blocker friend.
Rob: Check out that gaggle over there.

Ed: Yeah, but they got a bridge troll with them

Rob: It's cool, Eric's our point man
by ReverendBob June 30, 2009
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Noun: A theoretical point derived from men that is arbitrarily used by other men to delineate a man's approximate masculinity. It is awarded (or reprimanded) by characteristically manly actions or disregard of formality.
Man: <Opens fridge; drinks from carton>
Roommate: "Nice. Man point."

Achievement Unlocked: "The Man Point"
by Man-Kyle July 13, 2013
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Points Thou Shalt Recive From the Lord Almighty for showing extreme Manlyness and loyalty to the Ancient Man Code
Man: "wow you just snowboarded down Mt Everest on a loly-stick from the top naked, blind-folded, while on fire....with no limbs.............. you get 7 Man Points

Limbless Man: "Wow cheers erm.. thanks alot.... i guess"
by James Newby September 7, 2007
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This is a long one!
Man points are of biblicly monumentous importance to a mans day to day life
they are infact,part of a points system that the big G(God) came up with himself.They are point of which are awarded by oneself or another man on the completion of a manely task.With these points come not only bragging rights,but a sence of self satisfaction and supeiorority over more feeble men
manely tasks enclued:
.Stoking a fire with a stick and causing bigger flames
.chopping down a tree with an axe
.sharpening a pencil with a knife
.digging a big hole manuely(without mechanical assistance)
.belching loudly
.peeing over 1meter
.writting a letter with a self sharpened quill
.drinking alot of beer without showing it(drunkness)
.talking loudly in a quiet public place to make your point seem more intelliegent
.knocking someone out
and many, many more
"Morgan i just Stoked a fire with a stick and causing bigger flames,chopped down a tree with an axe,sharpened a pencil with a knife,dug a big hole manuely(without mechanical assistance),belched loudly,peeed over 1meter,wrote a letter with a self sharpened quill,drank alot of beer without showing it(drunkness),sped,talked loudly in a quiet public place to make your point seem more intelliegent,knocked someone out."
"wow your a god of man points"
"yer im pretty good, as are you"
by tiediedemon November 26, 2007
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Points that one receives upon the completion of a distinctly manly task. More often than not, intelligent points and man points are inversely proportional.

Points received for doing stereotypical macho actions like starting a fight with a professional boxer, taunting someone to throw a dart at your face, lighting a fart on fire, or holding a scorching object in your hand for an extended period of time
-Dude, I totally just walked barefoot over jagged rocks.
-Wow, you really earned some major man points.
by katelynamelia March 30, 2006
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A point given to a man for doing something manly.
Brandon awarded Matt 2 man points for jumping the median in his his truck
by Troy Matthews October 8, 2007
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